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Welcome to the
Rotary Club of Mundaring

Established in 1971, the Rotary Club of Mundaring has a proud record of supporting those in need.

A little history about Rotary:


The first project of the newly formed and first Rotary Club was in 1907 when the Rotary Club of Chicago met with civic organizations to discuss the need for public toilets to improve sanitation in the city. This happened in October 1907.


Our Rotary Club of Mundaring continues to support important initiatives and projects like this, whether they are local; State or Australia wide, as well as international projects such as polio eradication and Shelterbox - a very successful initiative that provides the essentials for survival in disaster areas around the world.

Good fellowship is a feature of our Club, which has many long-standing members who participate because of the satisfaction derived from being of service to the community and helping others in need.


Our Club features a mix of people of various backgrounds and professions, which enhances networking and contact with the local and wider community.

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Please support the mundaring garden & Farmers markets

Please support this wonderful Mundaring community initiative by providing local producers the opportunity to offer members of the public good produce for a reasonable price.

 👉  The Mundaring Garden and Farmers Market happens in Jacoby St. in Mundaring every Saturday from 8am. 

Farmers Market.jpg

our MARKET information

The Rotary Club of Mundaring Sunday and Twilight Markets are our initiative to support local business and community.

For more information regarding our Markets:

Call our Market Administrator on:  0473 507 683 

OR check out our MARKETS tab:

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The Rotary Club of Mundaring meet on 3 Wednesday evenings each month at the Mahogany Inn & Distillery - 4260 Great Eastern Hwy, Mahogany Creek WA 6072

If you would like more information about our meetings and wish to join us please email us at:


OR call Mark:  9295 4359 

We look forward to welcoming you to our Club where you'll have the opportunity to meet the people behind the scenes and ask questions. 


Mahogany Inn & Distillery
4260 Great Eastern Hwy, Mahogany Creek WA 



6:15pm for a 6:45pm start

Meetings usually close about 8:30pm


sunday markets

The Rotary Club of Mundaring runs a major fundraiser, the Rotary Mundaring Sunday Markets, which are held on the second Sunday of some winter months (dates will be updated once confirmed).

Rotary Projects

our COMMUNITY projects...

"Bricks For Kids" LEGO Program

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In 2018 the Board of directors of the Rotary club of Mundaring agreed to host the first LEGO workshop.


The idea was to give local children an afternoon of fun and to learn the skills of design, maths, concentration, literacy and engineering. All of which are gained whilst working with LEGO.

It was decided the afternoon of fun would free to all, and $900 was set aside to run the show. On the second Saturday in March of year 2018 in the Mundaring Hall the scene was set for the next five years of LEGO.

Although the cost of running the event has increased, the club still supports the event as a free event. In fact over the last three years the workshop has been held twice a year, with an average of 32 attendees each time.

The workshops cater for boys and girls from primary school age up to the age of 15 years.

Not only do they have four hours of entertainment, five lucky lottery winners also take home invitations to attend other LEGO workshop for free and LEGO kits valued at between $250 and $300.

We have progressed from the Mundaring Shire hall 5 years ago, to now in the Mundaring Hub where kids can come twice a year to have a free afternoon of LEGO bliss and to learn with like-minded youngsters.


The Rotary Club of Mundaring has recently agreed to make this event a permanent project and believes this free LEGO workshop to be one of a kind in Western Australia and possibly the whole of Australia.


Marg and Geoff.jpg

Our Club loves to donate to our local community, and we recently had the opportunity to help a large family (with 7 children) in a small but practical way.

We donated the materials and mulch for the family to create their very own vegetable garden which will help reduce the family's weekly food costs.

Growing vegetables is also a wonderful experience for children and teaches them many important life lessons: responsibility (watering and caring for the plants); knowledge (learning about cause and effect - plants die without water); and self-confidence (seeing their achievement when the plants have grown and are ready to be picked, cooked and eaten).

Four of the children in the family have been through the reading program at their school that we also support. They are very well-mannered children and have worked hard within the program to see great improvements with their reading.

Image shows Rotary Club of Mundaring members ~ Marg and Geoff ~ purchasing the items needed for the Vegetable Garden. Great work!


We recently made a donation to the impressive Parkerville Community Band ~ a 14 piece concert band, that has been successfully performing since 2019.


The band has members ranging from 12 to 88 years old and they all enjoy playing an array of music written and conducted by their band leader Peter Hind.

Even more exciting, they have recently travelled to Sydney to perform at the Sydney Opera House, and are now looking forward to performing for us at our Market. We have it on good authority that they are always open to new members of any age and experience.

At the moment they have a French horn; tuba; trombonist; 2 trumpets; 2 saxophones; 2 oboe; a flute and a clarinetist; as well as their leader who is on percussion. Their youngest player Jivan is 12 years old and plays the clarinet and the member who has had the most trips around the Sun is Laurence Osborne who is 88 years young and plays trombone!

Images are courtesy of Parkerville Community Band. Please give them some support by liking or following their Facebook page.

parkerville community band.jpg



Apart from large international Rotary projects we continue to support (eg. Polio eradication & the Shelter Box initiatives) we have also supported individuals from other countries who have the opportunity to make a huge positive impact within their community.


One such initiative is our support of Dr. Oscar Muhoozi. 


We were made aware of Oscar in 2016 when he had applied and been accepted into the Kampala International University to study medicine and several people were providing financial support to help him in his endeavour.  We felt this was a worthy initiative and decided to support Oscar too.

In October 2023, Oscar graduated with a double degree (Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery) and shortly after he gained an internship at the Jinja Referral Hospital in Kampala where he continued toward his goal of becoming a fully qualified medical doctor.


During the years of his studies, Oscar, and several of his fellow classmates founded a community based organisation which they called Dynamic Doctors Uganda, even though they were not yet qualified doctors, they were able to set up ‘pop up’ clinics in nearby villages on weekends to examine local people, who could not afford to visit hospitals, and treat minor ailments using medical supplies provided by the university. This has grown and is now a registered organisation with Oscar as the director. As such he has been invited to a conference of medical practitioners in London in March 2024.


We are proud to have been involved in supporting Doctor Oscar Muhoozi through his journey and know he is making a huge contribution to the lives of those he cares for."

Please contact us if you'd like to know more!

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